As the sun sets on our warm summer evenings and a gentle chill begins to grace the air, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting cosy nights by the fire, pumpkin spice, and refreshing strolls amidst vibrant crimson and gold landscapes. To celebrate this seasonal shift with eco-consciousness in mind, here's an "All Green Guide" to a sustainable autumn.

When does Autumn start?

Here's a fun fact to add to your Autumn knowledge: there are actually two different dates that mark the start of the Autumn, this year they are the 1st and 23rd of September. The former is a fixed date used by meteorologists to neatly divide the year into four equal sections and the latter is determined by the Earth's axis and orbit around the Sun. Whether you lean towards meteorological precision or the embrace of nature's rhythms, we have five eco-friendly autumn tips to enhance your season

Leave the Leaves

Falling leaves play a vital role in the natural life cycles of plants and soil. They foster robust microbial activity in the earth, contributing to its health. However this process can be disrupted by removing these leaves from our lawns and gardens.

- Instead, it is best to distribute leaves evenly around the bases of trees and flower beds which allows the leaves to act as insulation for your plants during the chillier months to come.

- Alternatively, you could consider composting as another eco-friendly option or using the leaves to create seasonal decorations.

Sip Responsibly, Re-use Remarkably

Did you know that in the UK, we enjoy a staggering 98 million cups of coffee every day? And as the leaves start to fall, our coffee consumption rises by approximately 12% during the autumn season.

- To turn this autumn staple into a sustainably focused activity consider replacing cow milk with an eco-friendly alternative such as oat or almond milk. Fortunately your coffee will taste just as great, and your environmental impact will be lower.

- To continue this sustainable stance, consider swapping from disposable to reusable mugs and tumblers when on the go. 

You can find a versatile collection of on-the-go travel mugs and cups on our website from a variety of environmentally conscious brands.

Sustainably sourced sweater weather

Make sweater weather even cosier by incorporating sustainable fashion practices into your wardrobe choices. Rediscovering what we already have, embracing second-hand gems, and supporting eco-conscious brands is a step in the right direction. So, as you bundle up in your favourite seasonal attire, remember that you're not only staying warm but also contributing to a more sustainable and stylish world.

Shop locally and seasonally

Introducing locally and seasonally grown foods to your diet benefits you, your community, and the environment. Try selecting seasonal foods that minimise the distance travelled, and energy consumed for your meals.

- Visit farmer's markets and purchase fresh produce locally, also consider preserving and freezing food to use later rather than throwing away.

- Countryside walks foraging for autumn fruits are a fun and eco-friendly activity that can result in some awesome autumn meals. (Blackberry crumble being a personal favourite). 

Get ready for an eco-friendly Halloween

Get ready to have a hauntingly green Halloween! Embrace eco-friendly practices this spooky season.

- Consider DIY costumes using recycled materials or clothing from your closet, reducing the demand for store-bought costumes.

- Opt for sustainable decorations like biodegradable or reusable options and choose LED lights for a more energy-efficient ambiance.

- Make sure to use your pumpkins after caving them. On average 60% of shoppers throw their pumpkins away after carving them. Try saving the flesh for a delicious pumpkin soup or roast the seeds for a moreish autumn snack.

To finish, the autumn months offer a wealth of opportunities for us to make a positive impact on our planet. By consciously choosing sustainable products and services, minimizing food waste, embracing seasonal and locally sourced foods, and nurturing our local environment, we can play a vital role in safeguarding and conserving our planet for the future. These actions may seem small, but their collective power is immense, making the autumn season a chance to contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future.