Valentine's Day can be celebrated in an environmentally friendly way

One way to celebrate Valentine's Day in an environmentally friendly way is to make your own gifts rather than purchasing them. You can give a homemade card, bake something special for your loved one, or create a unique craft out of recycled materials. Another idea is to forgo buying chocolates and instead plan an outdoor activity like a picnic or a hike. If you do decide to buy something, consider buying second-hand or supporting local businesses that are conscious of their environmental footprint. You can also bring your own bags and reusable containers when you go out to dinner or plan a romantic evening in.

Finding a Valentine's cards for him

For a special Valentine's Day card for him, and if you are feeling creative, you could make a collage of shared memories or you could turn a favourite photo of the two of you into a custom card. For the less creative, another idea could be a wildflower seed card that can be planted and grow into beautiful wildflower cards, it is sure to make him feel loved and appreciated.

Choosing a meal for Valentine's day

If you're planning a romantic Valentine's Day meal, you can opt for more sustainable ingredients to make it extra special. Try to purchase local and seasonal produce and focus on plant-based dishes to reduce your environmental footprint. Homemade pasta or risotto can be a great option for a romantic meal, and you can top it with some vegan parmesan for a delicious finishing touch. You could also make some homemade vegan desserts or drinks like hot chocolate or mulled wine to complete the meal.

You may be enticed by easy meal options from supermarkets, but these usually come in plastic packaging, and worse, encourage you to buy more, leaving you with food waste, also due to the fact that some of these meals cannot be frozen or reheated. Some of these meal deals, like the Marks & Spencers valentines meal, are portioned well for the special offer they have on to avoid buying more than needed, and more are seen in metal trays and boxes rather than plastic, or minimal plastic. This is something to look out for.

Things to do on valentine's day

When you're looking for something to do on Valentine's Day, have a think of what you both like doing, and what might be less impactful to the environment.

  • Why not take a walk together and appreciate nature?
  • Plan a picnic in your favourite outdoor spot
  • Head to a local market to explore the stalls and find something unique for each other. - Try looking for something second hand and reusable.
  • Plan a romantic scavenger hunt, complete with clues and puzzles that lead up to a special reward.
  • Stay in - why not have a movie marathon with all your favourite romantic films? With some homemade snacks.

One of these ideas could be just the way to spend your valentine's day date.