It feels like you can't even take a short walk outside. Even at night, it's hard to sleep because it's so hot, but there are things you can do to stay cool and be eco-friendly during a heatwave. Don't sweat it!

Many people are trying to find ways to stay cool. From using electric fans to draping wet sheets in front of open windows and making sure we keep ourselves hydrated, so we've put together some eco-friendly ways to keep cool and get you through the hot days successfully.

We've put together some eco-friendly ways to keep cool and get you through the hot days successfully.
1. Carry your water bottle with you

Carry your reusable water bottle with you wherever you go, this means that you are constantly reminded to keep hydrated. You can also use the refill app to find refill locations.

2. Fill your house with houseplants

By filling your house with houseplants - preferably ones that are native to the UK, you can naturally reduce the temperature indoors through the process of photosynthesis. Remember to keep your houseplants cool as well.

3. Close your curtains

Close your curtains or blinds at night and keep them close the following morning to help stop hot rays shining through your windows and heating up the rooms in your house.

4. Swap to LED

Halogen and incandescent lamps give off heat. Although these lamps are less common, they are still used for some types of lighting and in some households. Swap to LED's - not only will they not give off heat but they're also more energy efficient.

5. Use fans over aircon

With the heat, purchasing or investing in an aircon unit may be tempting, but fans are significantly more energy efficient than air conditioners. We all love that ice-cold breeze during a heatwave, so hang a damp cloth or place a tray of ice in front of your fan.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out and help keep you cool this summer. If you have other suggestions and ways to not only keep cool but be eco-friendly, please share with us and let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts.