What day is Christmas Jumper Day?

This year Christmas Jumper Day is on the 9th of December 2022. For each year there is no set date but It is usually celebrated on a Friday a few weeks before Christmas.

  • 2022 – December 9th
  • 2023 – December 15th

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day was started by 'Save the Children' on December 14, 2012. Save the Children are a respectable cause devoted to the rights of children. A fundraiser is facilitated yearly by the charity, in which everybody is urged to get included by wearing imaginative Christmas jumpers.

Gifts of at least £2, or at least £1 for kids and youngsters, are added to the Save the Children association by individuals wearing innovative knitwear on this fun day. The funds are utilized to help children change their future by being healthy, stay fed with food, obtain training and skills!

Where can you get an Eco friendly Christmas jumper?

There are several alternatives to mass-produced jumpers that are made from environmentally harmful materials. Whether you choose to buy a new jumper or reuse one, you can do either whilst being sustainable :

  • Wear what you have or swap with a friend or family member.
  • Buy preloved jumpers
  • If you are creative, upcycle an old jumper or make your own
  • Look for organic Christmas jumpers
  • Try a reversable eco friendly Christmas jumper.
  • Buy from brands that support environment charities.

Try to think research, reuse or repurpose. Research the fabrics used and the production process, reuse old and what has already been worn, repurpose old jumpers by getting creative or making them into something else if no longer fit to be worn, like a bag, cushion or use parts for a new jumper!

Go digital with donations and promotions

This next simple change can help reduce paper waste. If you are creating an event at work or at home, promote it online or through email and resist printing posters and flyers.

To also reduce paper waste, assign someone to collect donations, but digitally, this reduces paper waste not only in your event but for the charity also. Save the Children have already made this easy by making everything accessible online, including signing up.

How to serve sustainable party food

Having a feast? Sometimes being eco-friendly when it comes to food can be forgotten about, especially in the workplace.

Buy local - Serving nearby food is better for the climate since it brings down your carbon footprint. If you purchase from your large supermarkets, it is very likely that the food travels a lot further. Not only does buying local mean that there has been less carbon output but these food sources are regularly fresher and better.

Sharing is caring…for the planet – At the end of the day, let everyone take home what is left. This means that several people can consume the leftovers over the week to help reduce the amount of waste. Some of your friends or colleagues may even compost at home and so can recycle what is not used.