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About BioBag Dog Waste Bags

Biobag Biodegradable Dog Waste/Poo Bags
BioBag dog-waste bags do not contain any polyethylene-based ingredients. They are as natural as dog waste and decompose within 40 days in a well-functioning composting environment. By comparison, it takes more than 100 years for normal plastic bags to decompose.

It strikes us as strange that conscientious dog owners scoop up their dogs' poop (which is 100% biodegradable) and then pop it into plastic bags that will remain with us for 100 years!

The logical solution is BioBag Dog, which is 100% biodegradable.

BioBag Dog is certified according to the European Standard EN13432 for compostable products and the US Standard ASTM D6400 for compostable plastics.

Biobags need to be stored in cool, dark, dry conditions to keep them at their best - A kitchen cupboard or drawer is ideal. Under these conditions, you would expect them to have a shelf life of approximately 18 months.
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